Soda Lime Mask Pricing and Tolerances
Quartz Substrate is an additional $100 PREMIUM
High Reflective Chrome – NO PREMIUM
Iron oxide – $20.00 PREMIUM
Borofloat, White Crown (B270), Opal, Sapphire, White Ivory, Ceramic,
are available on special request

  • Custom sizes and shapes from .5” x .5” up to 24” x 30” – quotes on request

  • Maximum Plate thickness allowable is 12mm. no minimum thickness restrictions

  • Current New Optics have a 1um corner radius, so 2um square ends will be rounded

  • ​Some Special Orders, shapes, materials processes and sizes MAY incur an extensive lead time

Data Conversion charges will apply to all file types except Gerber 274X. Charges are typically $25 for each mask image file created. For example, a single DWG file that would create a 2 mask set would incur a $50 data conversion fee.

After completion of the data conversion(s) you will be sent an Adobe PDF checkplot of each mask that will represent how the mask will appear. Black on PDF representing CHROME on the mask. These must be approved by you prior to imaging. All masks will be imaged RIGHT READ CHROME SIDE DOWN (RRCD) unless otherwise specified.

CDs on the masks will be verified at any locations you specify, up to 5 points at no charge. Images or measurements of those locations during inspection can be forwarded to you upon request.